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We offer a complete data management system that can be tailored to your sites requirements, weather from one loader to a entire fleet .Allowing you to view your valuable data .Everything from buckets loaded,truck rego's,customers to stockpiling of products and cycle times for loading trucks/trains. Your data can be transferred via our LP950 Printer giving you a hard copy in the cabin of your plant ,LD941 data module which simply plugs into your loadrite indicator then transfers to your office work station.To wireless solutions with radio modems to site specific plant,Or for mobile plant we offer GPRS modem solutions.So wherever your equipment might be you can easily access your data through our Material Management software allowing you to view your plants productivity,turn around times all at your finger tips.
 Loadrite MMS helps you:
 � Manage product inventory
� Identify peak loading patterns to improve your business systems
 � Eliminate the need to enter data or process
transactions manually
 � Improve your customer billing processes
 � Confirm the accuracy of information originating from other sources in your plant such as weighbridge's or production machinery