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      Designed and engineered specifically for bucket excavators, LOADRITE X-Series excavator scales use proprietary Multi-Dimensional Compensation (MDC) weighing technology to achieve accurate weighing performance with no disruption to the operation of the excavator, over a wide range of operating conditions.






The LOADRITE® X-Weigh 2350™ improves your excavator’s productivity by quickly, easily and accurately weighing the material in the bucket, and displaying the payload information on an easy-to-read monitor in your excavator’s cab. Unparalleled support Uninterrupted Productivity The result brings you new excavator load measuring techniques that are second to none: Multi-Dimensional Compensation™: LOADRITE’s® proprietary algorithms are the foundation of MDC™ weighing technology, which gives you the power to weigh on your excavator without any restrictions on the movement of the boom and dipper arm. LOADRITE’s® MDC™ weighing technology also gives you the freedom to weigh on sloping ground and provides compensation for different lift speeds. Adjustable Weighing Zone: Built in flexibility to configure your excavator to accurately weigh when loading from different levels. For example, you can weigh while loading from the roadside and then configure for bench/stockpile. Multiple Applications: The LOADRITE® X-Weigh 2350™ is suitable for the majority of excavator applications using a bucket attachment. Typical examples are pit-loading, construction, truck load out, crusher feeding, landscaping and material handling. Durability: All hardware supplied is put through a rigorous HALT (highly accelerated life testing) regime to ensure that LOADRITE® equipment is suitable for the rugged environment you work in. Data Management Capacity: Intuitive, easy to use controls allow data tracking with every lift. This can be customised to suit your operation such as customers, trucks and job numbers. Overload Alarms: Alerts the operator if the bucket load will exceed the truck’s target weight or if the lifted weight exceeds the maximum allowable amount that the machine is capable of handling. The world leader in onboard weighing systems for wheel loaders extends its proven technology to produce the first excavator weighing system using proprietary1 Multi- Dimensional Compensation (MDC)™ weighing technology. LOADRITE® MMS™ ACESSORIES