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    LOADRITE offers a range of on board weighing systems designed for wheel loaders, from entry-level through advanced functionality options. Whether you require basic weighing information for a small loader, or greater accuracy and data capture capabilities for production-sized loaders, we have the solution for you.

   The LOADRITE wheel loader scale product line is widely recognised as setting the standard for our industry. This is the result of over thirty years industry expertise gained by working closely with machine owners and operators.

The next generation of loader scales is here.Loadrite`s L-series Incorporating new Friction and ambient temperature Compensation technology software. Utilising FACT technogly , The L-series 2180 can perform lift by lift compensation throughout the day. Optional ground slope Compensation take the level of performance even further by allowing on uneven terrain to generate consistent and reliable loading. Making the L-Series the bench mark for weighing systems • Track multiple products so that daily totals can be produced • Auto-add feature - automatically adds the lifted weight to the total every time a load is lifted • Final bucket load adjustment (tip-off) - allows you to tip a measured amount of the product off the last bucket to ensure an exact target weight is reached • Remote-add button - ergonomically designed so the load can be added by pressing the button, which is mounted in close proximity to the loader controls • Large LCD display with adjustable backlighting for night and low light operation • Split weighing - gives the operator the ability to run individual totals for loading truck and trailer units to the Loadrite Material Management System (both sold separately) upgradable to TRADE APPROVED / CERTIFED system


The L2150 is a high precision onboard loader scale, it offers accuracy and reliability with basic data functions.

By using multiple-point triggering, speed compensation and dual pressure measurement the L2150 offers high level weighing accuracy regardless of lift speed and loader movement. All you need to know is that trucks will be loaded to the right weight first time.

Data entry and logging features of the L2150 allow you to begin monitoring the efficiency and productivity of any front end loader operation, these features are not as extensive as those of the L2180.


Install the Loadrite Sprint on your small wheel loader and see how you�ll save time and money. This cost-effective onboard weighing system combines basic functions required to load once and loadright, along with Loadrite�s exceptional service and support. With only six keys the Loadrite Sprint is operator friendly and simple to use.Install a Loadrite Sprint and reduce costs by: � Loading accurately the first time � Eliminating costly overload fines � Minimising lost product from overloading � Reducing wear and tear on machines caused by overloading stresses � Large LCD display with back lighting for night and low light operation � Time/date display � Only six keys - so it�s operator friendly and easy-to-use � Basic weighing functions � Seven language options including English, Spanish and French � Long total function - shows total product moved over a shift, week or month � Auto add function - the Sprint automatically adds the lifted weight to the weighing total � Total function - shows the total weight of a product loaded onto a truck � Load information such as summary reports can be produced with the Loadrite Printer or transferred to the Loadrite Material Management System (both sold separately)

A high performance weighing system with fewer functions for ease of use. Install the Loadrite Force on your loader and get accurate weighing at your fingertips.If you only require basic weighing features but still want the accuracy of Loadrite Onboard Weighing Systems then the Loadrite Force is the product for you.The Loadrite Force is ideal in situations where you need accurate weighing but you don’t want the advanced features of batch, blend or mix mode weighing; or product tracking.

No product or data fields   Last bucket recall and last bucket adjustment (Tip Off) Remote add and auto add feature Target or total function Split weighing – gives the operator the ability to run individual totals for loading truck and trailer units

upgradable to TRADE APPROVED or CERTIFED system