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 With ever increasing pressure to remain competitive, the solid waste transport industry is looking for ways to retain profitable customers while improving operational efficiency and reducing transport costs. Haulers can no longer afford to allow unprofitable customers to be subsidised by their more profitable ones.

The LOADRITE E2750 dynamic frontlift bin weighing system was developed to help address these issues . It can be installed on most makes and models of front-loading solid waste haulage trucks. The E2750 automatically measures the net weight of the bin as it is emptied. The bin weight and other information can be printed in the truck using the optional Loadrite printer, sent electronically to a separate onboard computer or transmitted to the head office. Trimble Loadrite provides a simple communication interface and software protocol to enable data to be sent to any external device.
As well as the new competitive climate is the regulatory environment, where public safety and liability concerns underlay a trend towards more enforcement of overloading regulations. To help prevent overloading, the net weight of each bin can also be added to a run total, so that the driver can monitor the total weight on the truck.
Keeping the weight on the truck under its legal capacity also helps to minimise maintenance costs.